So, what in bloody hell is Chicago Tunes?

On Sunday, I frequented Simon’s Tavern to see Canasta perform a show. The space was about as intimate as venues get: Inside, a large bar, and little room for much else. Canasta, a six-piece band, scrunched themselves into a corner and got to work.

No more than half a minute into their first song, lead singer Matt Priest put the show on pause. Why? His mic cut out. So, he switched the cord leading into his microphone and tried picking up where he left off.

Once more, his mic cut. So, Matt I believe switched his mic with another. Once more, his mic had none of it.

After four or five quick remedies, Matt figured out a solution that worked. He did away with the outlet he was plugged into, and re-routed everything to a different source. Sure enough, it worked, and the rest of Canasta’s gig went off as planned.

Matt’s persistence to get a show off the ground was magic. I’d never seen anything like it. The Simon’s gig was a free show (for attendees), and there couldn’t have been more than 50 or 60 of us packed into the room. Even so, Matt had his heart set on performing at Simon’s, and after what may have been 45 minutes, he got his wish.

What I learned that night — among other things — was that Canasta is a class act. Its members are in the band because they want to make music and perform it.

That night at Simon’s inspired me to not just attend shows, but write about them. Otherwise, anecdotes like Canasta’s show at Simon’s would probably go unreported.

Like live theater, music is an experience. And my mission with Chicago Tunes is to document music in Chicago, be it local artists performing at venues around town or regional and national artists stopping by while on tour. As well, I want to review albums, get in touch with bands and upload content seen nowhere else on the web.

Let’s have some fun, folks.


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6 Responses to So, what in bloody hell is Chicago Tunes?

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  3. Ryan says:

    Alright an Independent Indie Windy City music blog! Thank you! We’re looking forward to getting tips to great budget-friendly events in intimate venues.
    Ryan and Amy

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