The Shivers @ Martyrs’ (8/3)

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The Shivers, a band based in Queens, NY, played a show at Martyr’s Restaurant and Pub Tuesday night.

I know what you’re thinking: But The Shivers are from New York. What in god’s name are they doing on Chicago Tunes?! Well. As I said in my debut post, Chicago Tunes is as much a blog about local artists as it is a blog about artists who come from wherever to play here. So long as a band is independent and/or isn’t Lady Gaga, they’ll get a shout-out here on Chicago Tunes.

Tuesday marked my first time in Martyr’s, and I imagine I’ll be back. It’s a sizable venue that can hold in excess of 250 people before police can legally raid the place. The crowd that night wasn’t nearly that large — there were probably a few dozen of us — but, that made for an intimate evening of music.

I think The Shivers are best described as soulful folk. Comprised of Keith Zarreillo and Joanne Schorikow, the band has made a name for itself by crafting melodic harmonies about isolation, the joys and pains of love and some spirituality, too. On Tuesday, Keith plucked away on electric guitar while Joanne manned her keyboard — oh, and both are vocalists — to create a beautiful music that was also really accessible.

For a couple of the songs, Keith coupled his tunes with the sounds of crickets, frogs and other creatures through a machine behind him that either simulated or recorded those sounds. Creative filler, eh?

Other highlights included a cover of Deer Tick‘s “Ashamed.” The Shivers are featured on a new 7″ with Deer Tick — Keith joked that The Shivers are the obvious B-side.

After about an hour of music, The Shivers were urged to play an encore. They did three before closing out the night for good.

As an act of gratitude for a great gig, I and a friend helped Keith and Joanne load their things into their SUV and then got talking to them over a drink at a bar a few doors down. Both Keith and Joanne are interesting, chill, respectful people, and I look forward to the next time they play Chicago.

The following morning, Keith and Joanne expected to make the long drive back to New York to recover from their current cycle of shows to prepare for a new one, which starts up on the 10th.

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