Secret Colours – Secret Colours


Band: Secret Colours
Album: Secret Colours
Release Date: August 3, 2010

Holy smokes. If Secret Colours‘ debut album taught me anything, it’s that it will likely be the first of a long line of successes for Chicago’s latest band of rockers.

The album, which is self-titled, is packed with 13 tracks influenced by the hazy psychedelic pop of the ’60s. Even more, there isn’t a dud in the bunch. I responded to everything Secret Colours put on deck here, and with good reason. Their pulsating sound is catchy, a little trippy and at the end of the day, pretty unique.

Tommy Evans’ lead vocals will probably make or break your feelings towards Secret Colours. Rather than articulate his words with complete clarity, Evans delicately lays his voice on top of the instrumentals, which creates what seems like added texture to a track’s sound. Sometimes it’s easy to make out; other times not so much (for me, at least). I think the effect works wonderfully, in that it aligns the vocals and instrumentals in a way I don’t hear too often. Yet I can respect the listener who’d prefer a more pronounced vocal.

Most every track has a jam or two in it somewhere. You know, the part where Evans breaks from the mic and rocks out on guitar with his compadres. Actually, “Western,” save for some “la la las” and “oooh ooohs,” is five minutes of pure drum, guitar, tambourine and maybe some keys. It and the album’s opener, “Redemption” — love the brief howl at 2:20! — are what I think are the standouts.

Kudos to Secret Colours for a memorable debut. I anticipate great things for this Chicago quintet.


  • Secret Colours, of Chicago, is comprised of Evans (vocals/guitar), Dave Stach (guitar/backing vocals), Dylan Olson (bass), Justin Frederick (drums) and Margaret Albright (keys/tambourine/backing vocals).
  • Secret Colours will play a record release show on August 14 at Beat Kitchen. It’s $10 and you can get your tickets here.
  • Free streams of the debut album are available on Secret Colours’ Bandcamp page. Click here for access.
  • Secret Colours is selling the album for $10 on Bandcamp and their official website.

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6 Responses to Secret Colours – Secret Colours

  1. jurbanik says:

    Once again, a great pick here Eric. I love how they fuse psychedelia with a slightly bucolic Midwestern feel. As far as your comment about the vocals go, they seem very dream poppy – check out Beach House or Slowdive, maybe.

    • Eric Hughes says:

      Thanks for the recs, John!

      Secret Colours will be playing a show this weekend in Chicago, and a writer here on Chicago Tunes will be covering the show. I’ll be sure to get you a link so you don’t miss it!

  2. jurbanik says:

    I’ll certainly be checking in any time before I go to Chicago – I was supposed to be there the 20-22 but plans changed. I love small local shows.

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