Whisker Music – Whisker Music EP

credit: whiskermusic.com

Band: Whisker Music
Album: Whisker Music EP
Release Date: Summer 2009

Here’s what I really want to say about Whisker Music: Their EP makes me want to get my hands on a vinyl copy — if such a thing exists — go out and buy a record player (which I’ve entertained for some time now but sadly haven’t done), and sit out on my deck with their sweet tunes, that record player, perhaps a beer, and just chill.

I first met their music at Ten of Swords‘ record release show at Beat Kitchen. Whisker Music opened the night at 10:30, followed by Portland’s Mimicking Birds and then Ten of Swords.

Well. Whisker Music’s set rocked me. Allotted a brief amount of time to jam, the three-piece worked with what they had to deliver a kick-ass show for those wise enough to attend. I can’t stress enough how great they sound live.

Co-founders Anthony Ferretti and Lena Rush share vocals and play guitar and bass, respectively, and recent addition Colin Campbell pounds drums.

credit: Eric Hughes/Chicago Tunes

Rock is too general a term, but I’ll start there with Whisker Music. Their tunes — sometimes sweet rock ‘n’ roll, other times slow tempo ballad — go down smooth like a fine wine. This is particularly true of a track like “Calling All Moon Units,” which drifts along hazily as if in little to no rush to finish.

I like, though, that the band just as easily takes on a sound under a southern rock influence. In “Won’t Last Long,” Anthony and Lena turn their guitars loose and let ’em do most of the work. It’s probably the EP’s hardest track and sounds great on the disc and, of course, live.

Whisker Music lists five tracks on the EP, yet the disc comes with six. The bonus track, “stinU nooM llA gnillaC” — “Calling All Moon Units” in reverse — is, well, a total trip. Interpret it as you wish.

Following the show, I got talking with the band and learned pretty quickly that they’re just as genuine as their tunes. They’re gentle souls with an honest passion for music. And, it delights me knowing that Whisker Music lives right here in Chicago. Be prepared to read a lot about them on Chicago Tunes.


  • Whisker Music, formerly of Portland but now Chicago, is comprised of Anthony Ferretti (guitar/vocals), Lena Rush (bass/vocals) and Colin Campbell (drums).
  • Whisker Music EP is available for purchase online for $10. Buy yours here.
  • An acoustic version of “Won’t Last Long” is available — for free! — on the band’s official website. Check it.
  • Whisker Music will play at Reggies Music Joint on Tuesday with Mr. Blotto, a southern rock group who played a show reviewed here on Chicago Tunes. Click here to read.

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6 Responses to Whisker Music – Whisker Music EP

  1. jurbanik says:


    Honestly, I found this post hoping to find a blog on Mimicking Bird’s set at Lollapalooza, but I’m very glad I happened upon yours instead. I’m listening to Calling All Moon Units now, and absolutely loving it.

    – John

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