Jonny Rumble – JR


Band: Jonny Rumble
Album: JR
Release Date: June 15, 2010

A listen to JR takes the listener on a cross genre musical journey, led by Jonny Rumble as the tour guide—a talented and extremely capable Chicago band. Despite what qualities are sought after in an album, the awesome harmonies and melodies that gently cross and combine many genres and tastes of music found in JR will ultimately tap into the part of the brain that is responsible for making one’s foot tap!

What is particularly unique to JR is that unlike many other artists that have attempted to converge as many different musical influences and styles into a single album’s worth of material, the Chicago-based quartet—Jonny Rumble—did so in an extremely smooth fashion. Even a quick listen to the songs is enough to show the listener that every song fits well with the rest and does not seem out of place. This is owed to many things, partly to the strong shared attributes held by many of the songs. Putting the obvious aside (talent and skill), a strong common bond had by many songs is a distinct reggae-like rhythmic guitar strumming as well as guitar tone. The way this type of guitar playing ties many tracks within the album together can be identified in much of the album, particularly in “To Foolishness” and “BRZRKR.”

The track “To Foolishness” is an awesome representation of Johnny Rumble’s amazing writing ability as well as their skill and talent in regards to musical delivery. It is an extremely catchy poppy tune that has the ability to make anyone smile—anything listening to the song that does not smile or outwardly express joy, is most likely not human! “To Foolishness” is the ideal summertime pop/rock song and is seemingly in a genre apart from the song “BRZRKR,” which falls into a slightly different category of music. The rhythmic pattern in “BRZRKR” is more resemblant of ska and reggae, however the tune is still of the same caliber of “To Foolishness” and features similar harmonies and guitar tone that ultimately bridge the two songs together and enable them to fit perfectly on the same album.

The members of Jonny Rumble show their remarkable talent as diverse musicians all throughout JR. It can be difficult to label a genre to certain albums, especially when they are the product of a band as unique and outstanding as Chicago-based Jonny Rumble. If faced with the daunting task of assigning a specific genre to JR and placing it in the appropriate isle at a record store, I would most likely break the album into many pieces. It would be done partly out of frustration. However, the main motive for breaking the CD would be to disperse the pieces to many different sections; including indie, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, reggae, ska and folk!


  • Jonny Rumble, of Chicago, is comprised of Brian Webb, Patrick O’Connor, Jeremy Pryor and Seth Thomas.
  • An online distributor, Rock Proper, is offering free downloads of JR. Click here to download.
  • Jonny Rumble will play at Double Door on October 2 with Blane Fonda and Oh My God for $10-20. Click here for tickets.

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