White Mystery – White Mystery

credit: whitemystery.bandcamp.com

Band: White Mystery
Album: White Mystery
Release Date: March 1, 2010

Borrowing their name from a popular Airheads flavor, White Mystery is solely concerned with one thing: Melting your face off with loud garage jams.

Their self-titled debut is full of quick tunes that begin noisy, continue being noisy and then end that way, too. It’s a commotion of sound that bangs and booms relentlessly. Your only chance to catch your breath is in that minute gap separating each track.

And I mean what I say about the songs being quick. Three of the album’s 14 tracks clock in at under a minute and a half. Five are under two.

I don’t know how well you’ll do at separating one track from another. (And I don’t know how important it is that you do so anyway). I’ll admit that after awhile it was difficult for me to differentiate one track from another. I’m also a newb when it comes to garage rock, so that’s workin’ here, too.

What I like most about the album is its stripped-down sound. Just two musicians are at work here, so all that’s fed back to you is the rawness of electric guitar and drums. There’s an energy about it as well that probably wouldn’t be there if more pieces were added into the mix.

White Mystery the band is comprised of the sister-brother duo of Miss Alex and Francis White. If you notice from the album art, they’ve both got a good amount of red curl sitting atop their rocker heads. From photos and videos I’ve seen of their live performances, that red gets tossed, turned and shaken around as incessantly as the sounds emanating from their instruments. I suspect they put on quite the live show.


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