Rachele Eve, Darling, Tin Tin Can @ The Hideout (9/16)

credit: Eric Hughes/Chicago Tunes

One of my favorite nights of live music in Chicago happened just a few days ago at The Hideout. There, Darling celebrated the release* of their debut LP, Lights That Last Forever, while Tin Tin Can and Rachele Eve played bookending sets.

credit: Eric Hughes/Chicago Tunes

Tin Tin Can, actually, was a pleasant surprise live. I had heard snippets of their tunes the week or so leading up to the show, but beyond that wasn’t too familiar with what was coming my way.

Well. Their words may be a bit unintelligible, but the boys can jam.

One of their best would be “Arkansas,” which is packed with a number of goodies, including sick bass playin’, Myk Martello on Singing Saw and good ol’ fashioned jamming.

What I like about Tin Tin Can is their songs seem to tell stories. I can’t necessarily tell you what those stories are because their vocals were hard to make out over the instrumentals. Yet on a song like ‘Arkansas,” maybe think “Devil Went Down the Georgia” with way less twang and fiddle and more drums and bass.

credit: Eric Hughes/Chicago Tunes

Darling hit the stage next, and hot damn, these guys are something to see live. I had reviewed their new album only about a week before the show, so their music was still fresh in mind.

Everything I had said about Darling trying something in their music came to life at The Hideout. Tin Tin Can’s Myk Martello broke out his Singing Saw, a former bandmate took the stage to play tambourine and, for “Gathered,” a trio of brass joined Darling to ensure the tune be played the way it should be played.

credit: Eric Hughes/Chicago Tunes

And let’s not forget about lead vocal Jeff Schneider, who bounced around the stage on a few occasions like he’d just won an iPad.

There was something about Darling’s attitude that I really dug. They all seemed real comfortable up there under the lights. More comfortable, I guess, than what I’d been expecting from their recorded material.

I think my favorite tune — which I was fortunate to get video of (see below) — was “Feels the Same.” I mean watch the thing. Look at Don Ogilvie (drums) giving 110 percent for three-and-a-half minutes. Listen to that bass and electric guitar. They’re having way too much up there.

Their confidence in that one, especially, was spectacular.

credit: Eric Hughes/Chicago Tunes

The final act of the night was Rachele Eve, who, as I told her at the end of the evening, was an artist I was totally glad to have stuck around for.

“Pronouncing Logic,” which I’ve also got video of, will give the unfamiliars a good idea of what to expect from Rachele and her men. It begins nice ‘n’ easy, and then about midway through switches gears to something way harder.

Though probably a rocker at heart, Rachele’s music evokes soul and some bluesy country thanks to Rachele’s Fiona Apple-like pipes, an acoustic guitar and even a cello, which is as much a lead instrument in the band as its electric guitar.

Rachele’s got a fiery spunk about her, too, which makes watching her live that much more entertaining. She was conversational with Thursday’s audience, making The Hideout — which is small and intimate to begin with — even more so.

*Lights That Last Forever will be released officially on September 28.


Darling performing “Feels the Same”

Darling performing “Gathered”

Rachele Eve performing “Pronouncing Logic”

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