Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – Buzzard

Band: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s
Album: Buzzard
Release Date: September 21, 2010

By now I’ve listened to Buzzard a few times already, and I find I return to “Will You Love Me Forever” a good amount more than the album’s other tracks.

Sure, as Buzzard’s most accessible song, it’s the kindest on the ears. But I don’t think that’s why I keep playing it.

Instead, it may be its mystery.

I’ve really not a clue what the song is about — or who it’s for — and that uncertainty is just, uh, cool. As is that freaky keys section that sounds lifted from John Carpenter’s Halloween. And Richard Edwards’ eccentric words (“I’d take the tag off your sister and keep her for good.”) And that bitty scream about two-and-a-half minutes in.

And, let’s not forget “Will You Love Me Forever” is an inquiry missing a question mark.

The tune is a little haunting, but to a lesser degree than the rest. I mean, the track that follows it — “Tiny Vampire Robot” — may very well be about a bloodsucking woman who isn’t just a vampire, but a robot (that also happens to be tiny!), too.

Her methods must be methodical, rhythmed (it’s a word). It’s a powerful metaphor if that’s the game we’re playing here.

(Side note: While we’re talkin’ “Tiny Vampire Robot,” that band of wind instruments that owns the last minute of song is super chill. It’s largely different from anything else on the album, and I totally could listen to that section on loop).

If your impression of Buzzard is that it’s about dark things, then yes, your hunch is on the money. On occasion the album verges on uncomfortable.

In “Claws Off,” Richard Edwards’ anger is merciless. The party he croons to is dubbed a grave robber, a rage monger and is threatened to keep their claws off him. He tells her (or, maybe, him) to shut up if she’s stayin’, or to get lost if she’s goin’.

His parting words:

I’m not gonna say
I’m not gonna say
I’m not gonna say
Good luck

What I wanna say
What I wanna say
What I wanna say
Is get fucked

Buzzard is filled with stuff like this. Take note:

  • In “My Baby (Cares for the Animals),” he says, “If you love me, don’t eat me.”
  • “New York City Hotel Blues”: “I’m never going to break your heart. Not unless I have to.”
  • And in “Your Lower Back” — which may be about prostitution and physical abuse — Richard says: “Don’t worry baby, I won’t resuscitate,” and that “If they treat you rough in the evening, you’ll be alright by the morning.”


A statement of the obvious here, but Richard Edwards seems to care little for the gal he’s singing to. And I don’t think a cliched messy breakup is the root of the problem.

In “Birds,” for instance, he and his duet partner escalate from “let’s have a party” to “let’s have a baby” to “let’s make it evil” — set against some harsh electric guitar. I wouldn’t expect ex-mates to be singing about makin’ babies. Unless, of course, he’s making a swipe at how her genes would lead to the creation of a demon child.

Anyway, Margot’s sound is solid and different. At times it’s a real chilling rock — “Ooo ooos,” high pitched singing, guitars apparently playing in reverse — which complements those crushing lyrics wonderfully.


  • Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, based in Indianapolis, is Richard Edwards (vocals/guitar), Erik Kang (violin/lap steel) and Tyler Watkins (bass).
  • Buzzard is available at local retailers and on the merch table of Margot’s current tour. It’s also available in a variety of formats ($8.99-$18.99) on
  • Margot visited Daytrotter in 2008. Download it — it’s free!

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