Gemini Club @ Metro (9/24)

credit: Josh Terzino/Chicago Tunes

I’m finding it very hard to write this show review. First of all, I’ve never been to a show like this one. Gemini Club performed their show sandwiched between five DJ sets, and while overall it was a good experience, it’s hard for me to judge the work of the people behind the turntables (or MacBooks, rather). I’m not much for dance clubs.

I like the music, don’t get me wrong. But as I’m getting older, I find it harder to be in an environment where a bunch of young people are dancing like crazy.

And dancing they were. If I have to judge the DJ sets on anything, I suppose it would be on whether or not people had a good time. From what I could see and hear, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Even I was moving a little bit. I didn’t break out in full booty-shakin’ mode, but there was definitely an energy pulsing through me from the rhythm of the music and atmosphere of the scene.

Gemini Club took the stage after the third DJ set, and there was a definite shift in the room. Up to that point most of the music had been club versions of pop songs and dance house anthems. Gemini Club came out much more aggressive and got the crowd pumped up. Tom Gavin wandered the stage like a madman, while Gordon Bramli and Dan Brunelle kept things moving at a frenetic pace.

The crazy thing about a Gemini Club show is that there are no breaks. They just go one song to the next, weaving songs together. Even Tom’s audience banter is included in the constant barrage of noise coming from the stage. Each track makes perfect sense leading into the next, and very often I had a hard time noticing when a song would end and a new one would begin.

The highlight of the set for me was when they included a small part of the Beatles’ classic “A Day in the Life” into one of their songs (video below). It blends in with their sound perfectly, and it’s a nice touch of mixing the old with the new. I’m sure George Martin would approve.

I recommend checking out a live show if you get a chance. There’s an energy involved in a show like this that is hard to find anywhere else. If you like dancing, jumping up and down and hearing music delivered to your ears in new and exciting ways, you won’t be disappointed.


Gemini Club performing “Mirrors”

Gemini Club performing at Metro

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