The Drums – The Drums

Band: The Drums
Album: The Drums
Release Date: June 7, 2010

The new album easily titled The Drums by the Brooklyn-based indie pop band The Drums gives the experience of walking through a forest of sinister cotton candy.

It is whimsical and sweet, but there lies underneath a slight dark side to the music. Their sound is reminiscent to Tommy James and the Shondells.

It incorporates some depressing subjects set to blissfully poppy tunes. The album starts out with what I believe to be the standout song, “Best Friend.” With lyrics like “You were my best friend, and then you died, when I was 23 and you were 25,” you would think the melody would be melancholy. Yet when you listen it’s the most upbeat and happy song you’ve ever heard. It makes you replay the song over and over just to verify you’re hearing the right things.

The second song on the album goes along with this theme with lyrics like “I thought my life would get easier, instead it’s darker, instead it’s getting colder.” Yet another sad song with a super poppy melody to go along with it. Their happier songs have more slower melodies, cooing “If you fall asleep by the water, baby I’ll carry you all the way home.”

Another standout song on the album is “Skippin’ Town.” A song, maybe, about a homicide:

I know you’re trying to kiss me
But you’re really trying to kill me
‘Cause you’re driving me around in your car

Who can come up with this stuff? The Drums, apparently, and there’s oddly something extremely likable about it.

The Drums have had more success than most indie bands, and the reason why is presented throughout the album. There is nothing not to like with the first song sucking you in and making an instant fan. I wasn’t familiar with their music, but quickly found myself downloading — legally, of course! — all of their music, because I am now hooked on the drug that is The Drums.

They end the album with a great song, the second standout of the album called “The Future.” They leave you with the words “And you’ve locked me in your cage, set me free.” Well, I’ve locked you in my iPod and I will not set you free.


  • The Drums, based in Brooklyn, is: Jonathan Pierce (vocals), Jacob Graham (guitar) and Connor Hanwick (drums).
  • Their self-titled debut is available on their website for $15 (CD or vinyl).
  • The Drums will play back-to-back shows at Lincoln Hall with Surfer Blood on Thursday. Tickets (7 p.m./10 p.m.) are $15.

“Forever and Ever Amen” official music video

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