Twin Sister – Color Your Life EP

Band: Twin Sister
Album: Color Your Life EP
Release Date: March 30, 2010

There are no actual twin sisters in the pop quintet Twin Sister, but rather five musicians: Andrea Estella (vocals), Dev Gupta (keyboards), Gabe D’amico (bass), Eric Cardona (guitar, vocals) and Bryan Ujueta (drummer). Color Your Life is a follow up album to Twin Sister’s debut EP, Vampires With Dreaming Kids.

Color Your Life only has six tracks, but that is all that is needed. Each song on the album tells its own story, with no need for filler tracks or fluff. “The Other Side of Your Face” begins in an eerie and haunting manner, almost like the musical interpretation of being abducted by aliens, then the guitar pumps in, Estella’s calming gorgeous voice pipes in and an overwhelming feeling of bliss begins, setting the tone for the whole album.

The album has a theme of dreams and common romantic situations like in “Milk & Honey” with words like “I think it’s time I bought you a suit/ The jacket fits right and the lining is wool/ I do try to look good for you/ If you love me you would try too.”

A track unique from all of the other one’s in the album is “All Around and Away We Go.” It starts off with a funky, harder beat, reminiscent to an old school disco song. It’s the albums only danceable tune opposed to the dreamland demeanor of the other tracks.

This album can really only be experienced for itself, as no review can truly explain the feelings that will come over you as you put on your headphones, close you eyes and go into the euphoric dreams of Twin Sister. Let tracks like “Galaxy Plateau” take you to another world. Lyrics like “Copperheads soar through my gloom/ Everytime you come over I smile/ Like humming dirigibles,” will float in your head and make you feel warm and fuzzy, which is what everyone needs every once in a while when you are feeling down.


  • Twin Sister, based in Long Island, is: Andrea Estella, Bryan Ujueta, Eric Cardona, Gabel D’Amico and Udbhav Gupta.
  • Their EP, Color Your Life, is available on the group’s Bandcamp page for $6 (mp3s), $10 (CD) or $12 (vinyl). It can also be freely streamed there!
  • Twin Sister will play Lincoln Hall on Saturday, October 30 with The Morning Benders, Holiday Shores and Oberhofer. Tickets are $15.

Twin Sister performing “All Around and Away We Go” in Philadelphia in May 2010

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