Remaindermen’s Halloween Show @ Beat Kitchen (10/30)

credit: Chicago Tunes

When we last checked in with our friends, Remaindermen, they had released an EP, Border States, and were looking forward to their remix of that album at the end of October. To celebrate the release of this EP, called Inner States, they put on a rabble rousing set at Beat Kitchen.

All of the band members were in costume, and maybe 85% of the audience was as well. I was not. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the festivities, though. Lead singer PJ had a Victor/Victoria kind of thing going on which was both hilarious and a surprisingly good look for him. Other band members dressed as an elephant, a fortune teller, a strong man, and… something else. Not sure what guitar player Michael Nelson was.

The show itself was a great deal of fun. I don’t know if it was the disguises that provided the extra oomph, or the holiday spirit, but this show was a billion times better than the last time I caught them at Empty Bottle (and I really enjoyed that show, too).

I think some of that had to do with a bigger audience, and that audience being far more into the swing of things than the other crowd I saw them with. The addition of “Monster Mash” to the set, as well as my personal favorite tune, “Prey On You,” also provided a big lift to my personal enjoyment. “O’Immaculate” also sounded particularly good on this night.

As far as the new EP goes, I think it’s a fun way to listen to some great songs reinterpreted for completely different audiences. The stand out in my mind is “Miami St” as done by Streetbox (I think. It’s very confusing to read the tracklist, because it is not in order, and there are two different mixes of this song). Its hip-hop vibe is a fresh take on the song, and the MC’s flows remind me of a more tame version of MC Paul Barman might do. The rest of the Inner States varies from chill-ambient to more dancy electronica.

Good stuff all around. I’m a supporter of these guys ’til the end. Not just because they were the first band I had an interview with, or the first ones to put me on their guest list (though both are true), but because I believe in their music. It keeps me moving every time I turn them on, and I hope that you give them a chance to move you, too.


  • Remaindermen hails from Chicago. Band members are: Logan Cradick (Keys), Marc King (Bass), Chris Kolodziej (Drums), Patrick McMahon (Vocals),¬† and Michael Nelson (Guitar)
  • Border States can be purchased on iTunes for $6.93 or on for $9.

Remaindermen performing “Monster Mash”

Remaindermen performing “O’Immaculate”

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