Project Film – Chicago

Band: Project Film
Album: Chicago
Release Date: November 9, 2010

Chicago isn’t just the name of one of the greatest cities of the world, or the title of a Broadway play, it is also the title of Project Film‘s debut album released under Tandem Shop Records. Project film is made up of a duo: Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt.

The album starts off with “Minneapolis,” which is a multitude of euphoric-sounding instruments, monotonous relaxing drums and angelic vocals. What stood out on this particular song was the fact that there was a dual female/male vocal. This particular element also stood out in the track “Sound Sleepers.”

Probably the best song off of the album is “Kapture.” It is a captivating minimalistic song, with no instruments but the small strum of a guitar, a little piano playing and quiet vocals.

“Ink” is an instrumental that sounds like a legitimate jam session. It gives the genuine feeling of being in a basement and watching a band do what they love doing best — making music, and this is the feeling you get from Project Film.

All of the songs are relatable with lyrics like “City lights go dim tonight, as I pack for a midnight flight.” And telling a story about “Cool Kids” and how in high school you never quite knew where you fit in. There is something for everyone to like in this album.

This is the type of album you would pop in while taking a long road trip, and you just want to zone out into your own world. Imagine the open road taking you in as Sam McAllister softly sings to you “Go, go into the sun.”


  • Project Film, based in Chicago, is Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt.
  • Their album, Chicago, is available Tuesday. Pre-order it here.

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