Whisker Music @ The Whistler (11/2)

credit: Chicago Tunes

One of the first shows I covered in this space was for a three-piece that — going in — I knew little to nothing about. The band was Whisker Music and the venue, Beat Kitchen. Months have passed, and still I’m oh so grateful for following my gut that particular Saturday by going to check ’em out.

In the time that has transpired between then and now, I’ve been to a good amount of shows in Chicago — and reviewed even more albums. And yet the magic of that night stays with me fine, largely because the power of their southern rock-inspired sound blew my mind.

I’d been yearning to hear them live again for some time now, and it all finally came together last Tuesday at The Whistler.

Now, I missed out on what I heard was a great set by The Singleman Affair. From a comedy standpoint, I couldn’t have timed it any more perfectly. I walked into the venue, showed my I.D. and — as I was sitting — enjoyed the final note of the band’s final song. I’ll do my best, then, to catch them some other time.

After a break, Whisker Music took off without much introduction and, well, sounded even better than I remembered. There was an intensity and a crispness about their sound that blew their EP — which I’m comparing their show to — out of the water. Perhaps it was the space, which is tinier than Beat Kitchen. Yet I’m willing to bet they’re just gelling better as a band. Whisker Music’s lineup has only been the way it is now since June.

By now, I’m pretty familiar with their work on their self-titled EP. Listening to some new stuff, then, was a treat. I don’t know titles and the rest of it, but what can be expected on their next album — which Lena says will probably be a full length — is louder and very exciting.

I don’t know how best to stress how remarkable Whisker Music’s live show is. But y’all should give ’em a chance. Perhaps this Friday at The Hideout, yes?

Is it silly to be reviewin’ a free show? Well, that’s a matter of opinion really. What’s hands-down sillier, though, is the fact that no other publication, blog and the rest of it is talking about Whisker Music. Prove me wrong if you’ve seen otherwise, but light Googlin’ spit back nada.


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2 Responses to Whisker Music @ The Whistler (11/2)

  1. Josh Terzino says:

    Couldn’t agree with the assessment more…definitely worth checking out Whisker Music. They rocked Schuba’s when I saw them!

  2. Eric Hughes says:

    Sorry, Internet. Here’s one write-up via Lena:


    Still… shameful!

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