Tiny Magnets @ Martyrs’ (11/9)

credit: Chicago Tunes

What makes this whole gig worth it, really, is discovering new acts that I intend to follow as best I can. As much as I’d like to call Chicago Tunes a music review site, it’s largely a music recommendation site, as I’m only going to want to write about music that I, well, like.

I was reminded of this as I was watching Tiny Magnets perform live at Martyrs’ last Tuesday. The whole time, I couldn’t help but tap my foot, bob my head and repeat to myself, “Man, these guys are good.” Since then, I’ve been anxious to get something up online — the giddyness must be shared!

I prepped for the show by listening to (and reviewing) Tiny Magnets’ debut EP, Daughters of the Frontier. The album’s six tracks are, for me, a love letter to Chicago. Having moved here this year, my fascination with the city has ceased little. So tunes built around the CTA and, even, a desperate puppy lover standing along Lake Shore deepen my endorsement of Chicago. It’s home.

Anyway, what must be said about Tiny Magnets live show is it’s a stroke of liberty from what you get on record. Most tunes at Martyrs’ Tuesday were either extended or, well, rocked harder. Yeah, I’m a words guy, but I love a solid jam, too. Tiny Magnets is a good time live because there are just so many instances where Brian and Allison break from the mic, and heavy beats and guitar noodling envelope the space.

Like on Daughters of the Frontier, my favorite song of the night was “405.” At seven minutes, it’s Tiny Magnets at their most free — with the final two minutes devoted to Brian, Kevin and Jake exploring the room with their instruments. As far as I’m concerned, that number can go on as long as Tiny Magnets pleases. It seemed to take on a life of its own live.

The evening ended with a first for Tiny Magnets: an encore. The group was so appreciative of their achievement at Martyrs’, and later cemented it in their history with an ecstatic Facebook update the following morning. (They later joked it would have been “cooler” to have exited the stage and then reappeared for one final song). It was special to be there for it.

Tiny Magnets continue their monthly, third-Thursday residency at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge this week with a show to follow the Bears game. Do like the cool kids and come out for it!


  • Check out my review of their EP, Daughters of the Frontier. It’s available directly from the band.
  • Tiny Magnets will next play a show at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge on Thursday. They’ll be joined by Paul Sprawl. Entry is free!

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