The Safes – Double Single

Band: The Safes
Album: Double Single

Double Single is five tracks of classic rock ‘n’ roll draped in the raw energy and bratty sentiments of a bygone era. Not to be confused with the classic rock of suburban radio stations, The Safes have crafted a sound free of the confusing superlatives that tend to throw an artist and its fans off track. Plain and simple, The Safes are rock ‘n’ roll.

Composed of brothers Frankie and Patrick O’Malley — sharing the role of drum/guitar/vocals — and Patrick Mangan on bass/vocals, the Chicago trio is a multitalented bunch,
allowing one another his individual moment to shine, but always culminating in greatness
as in the gang vocal style of “Youth Cult.”

With the longest track clocking in at a whopping 2:36 (closer “Good is Gold”), the trio
bypass unnecessary frills and studio additives for the infective hooks and catchy choruses
generously sprinkled throughout each cut.

Opener “Birthday Cake” is a fuzzy, intentionally raw march into the poppy — and completely irresistible — “She’s So Sad.” A fitting track to highlight with its recently
released music video, “She’s So Sad” begs for audience participation with a chorus that
screams handclaps, bopping heads and sing-a-longs.

A personal favorite on the far-too-short sampler (and appropriately enough, Double
Single’s shortest track) is “Youth Cult,” an aggressive number that treads the line between
the garage rock of the late-’60s and the impending Brit-punk takeover of the late ’70s.
Calling to mind artists like Buzzcocks and The Damned, it wouldn’t be out of place to
assume The Safes find influence in the generations preceding the “family band”‘s own.

Not suggesting heavy impression or parody, Double Single wears its influences well,
creating a sound that is warm and familiar, yet entirely its own.


The Safes are: Frankie O’Malley (drum/guitar/vox), Patrick O’Malley (drum/guitar/vox) and Patrick Mangan (bass/vox).
Catch the group at Beat Kitchen on Wednesday, November 24 with Back
Alley Riot
, The Blackbelts and Huge Pontoons. Tickets are $8.

“She’s So Sad” official music video

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