Warm Ones @ The Empty Bottle (11/21)

credit: Chicago Tunes

Warm Ones closed out their big year here in Chicago with a Sunday evening show at The Empty Bottle. They were loud and awesome — as, well, per usual — and are so deserving of an opportunity to play at a time when The Bottle is actually crowded that it’s disgusting. I’ll go and see Tony and Co. any day of the week, but for the sake of the band, a Friday or Saturday night show would be sweet. Just ask the dudes and dudettes doing the hipster dance in the front row, as well as their pals behind. A number of Bottle devotees seemed to really dig into the boys’ sound (with good reason). It makes me wonder, really, how much more fun would be had at a Warm Ones show — 50 percent? 60 percent? — if Chicago venues would actually unleash their magic on, like, a Saturday night.

Anyway, having seen Warm Ones just a few weeks prior to their Bottle show, I don’t have much more to add by way of color. I didn’t enjoy “Get Shit Set” quite as much as I did at Beat Kitchen, yet it was still one of my favorites of the night. The tune commands so much energy on record, and then totally takes off when played live. Maybe it’s me, but the song didn’t seem to have as much build up this time around. And that’s the best part, really. Drums and guitars toy with the crowd by gently increasing in volume until, finally, they break.

Small Spies,” too, still doesn’t sound right when Tony Sackett sings both male and female parts. (Though casual listeners probably wouldn’t tell he’s doing so). Of course, Jeanine O’Toole (The 1900s) is a busy lady, so the whole thing is totally understandable. (Side note: Her band invades The Bottle on Friday). If anything, these candid “Small Spies” performances will be tiny treasures indeed when Warm Ones hit pay dirt.


  • Looking for more Warm Ones? We’ve probably got you covered. Here’s my review of their October 28 show at Beat Kitchen, and Josh’s review of their Setember 5 show at The Empty Bottle. Also, check out my review of their debut album, Sprezzatura!

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