Very Truly Yours – Things You Used to Say

Band: Very Truly Yours
Album: Things You Used to Say
Release Date: March 23, 2010
Free mp3: “Puddles” (Hurry! File goes kaput on December 16)

While some may turn to a delightful tinge of twee during the earliest months of the year as Chicago slowly crawls out of winter and into spring (and knowing a thing or two about fickle Midwestern weather, back into winter again), I much prefer that the airy pop guide me into the coldest season of the year. With the first snow of December already in the past, it’s time to bust out the scarves, hats and local act Very Truly Yours’ debut full-length, Things You Used To Say.

In a word, Things You Used To Say is adorable. Fitting in comfortably with comparisons to the like-minded Camera Obscura or a female-fronted Belle & Sebastian, the group is delicate — not dainty — on a recording that encompasses the dreamy echoes of studio sound that are often marred by fuzz. It’s an album for your seasonal activity of choice — be it a visit to the local ice rink, a walk in the park, or picking flowers in a field — typically adorable twee at its finest.

At ten tracks in length, Very Truly Yours’ debut finds its footing early in standout track “Puddles” and follow-up “Sorry to Say It.” Though two of the shorter numbers on the album, both adequately showcase the true talent of vocalists Kristine Capua and Katie Watkins, complimenting one another with a balanced touch of confidence and a breathy daydream-laced tone. And besides, who can resist any song that begs for handclaps as both tracks do?

Is it possible that Very Truly Yours have gifted us with too much of a good thing in Things Your Used To Say? Though I would argue that you can never have enough of a good thing, it would be a treat to hear the group venture outside of their brand of saccharine-pop if only for a brief interlude of aggression that is hidden in the bits of some downhearted lyrics.


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