The Noise FM – Enclave

Band: The Noise FM
Album: Enclave EP
Release Date: May 14, 2010
Free mp3: “We’ve Gone Too Far

“Who we are. Tell us all who we are. Who we are. Make us something real,” beg the recent Lawrence, Kansas transplants of alternative-rock trio The Noise FM on “Who We Are,” the aptly titled closing track of 2010 release Enclave. For a band that spent the five preceding tracks firmly establishing “who they are” as artists, it’s an intriguing choice for a closer, at once confident in their identity, but also seemingly petitioning for feedback. Regardless of personal interpretations towards the track and its placement, whatever it is that The Noise FM is selling, I’m not only alert, but I’m buying.

On Enclave, the trio’s groove-driven rock calls to mind prior appropriate comparisons to acts like Muse and The Killers, achieving a sound that is large, even anthemic, without the preconceived notions of false authenticity that can come with such an assessment. Also acting in The Noise FM’s favor is the album’s length. At six tracks, listeners get just a bit more of a taste than the average EP without additionally falling victim to the filler tracks that can bog down a forced full-length of 10-12 tracks.

With that being said, Enclave finds its peak where many albums falter, in the middle tracks of “Best Mistake” and “In Your Orbit.” While “In Your Orbit” is a darker number with a, dare I say, sexy, pulsating backbeat, “Best Mistake” cheerfully proclaims, “Of all my mistakes, the best that I’ve made was you.” Arguably the catchiest track on the album, it’s nearly impossible to walk away from the number without a shimmy, shake or foot tap and a hit of the “repeat” button. Immediately following the poppy song, “In Your Orbit” tonally channels acts like Nightmare Of You with a touch of the brooding. Successful for entirely different reasons, the two highlight the best parts of The Noise FM – strong vocals, groove-y (not groovy) hooks and songs that are just plain fun.


The Noise FM doing a pretty neat cover of Ingrid Michaelson‘s “Parachute,” filmed in Chicago at the Red Line Tap

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