Big News Monday; or, Something to read while you’re supposed to be working

Looking out the huge windows of the store here, I feel like I’m staring into a Corman McCarthy story. It’s gray and glum and I don’t like it one bit.

What better way to beat the blues than to think about some great stuff that we have coming up here on Chicago Tunes!!!

With March just around the corner, the time is upon us now to start thinking about music festivals. With the ho-hum headliners announced for Lollapalooza already, my excitement for the fest season has dwindled a bit. Maybe yours did, too. If so, here is some good news to get you pumped again!

Chicago Tunes is headed down to SxSw in Austin, TX, and we’re going to be hanging around some of the best bands in Chicago.

I can’t even list all the awesome people and bands that are going to be down south for this festival, but I will say this…prepare to have your minds blown!

We’re gonna have interviews with a bunch of great musicians (not my idea, it was given to me by Chaperone), I’ll be live-tweeting from events, I’ll be posting pics and videos every chance I get while we’re there. And, if all goes according to plan, we’re gonna come home with a very special treat for everyone.

Heading down to SxSw and getting to work with all these amazing bands is really like a dream for me, and I’d like to thank every single person who has agreed to join us in this endeavor. I hope you know who you are, because I’m not going to literally type every one of your names here.

And as if SxSw isn’t exciting enough, there’s more! Starting this week, hopefully, we will be having a weekly guest writer from a Chicago band talking about the album that influenced them to get into music. I think it will be an interesting and fun way to let these musicians pay homage to the band or artist that changed their lives forever. So, look for that on Thursday’s or Sunday’s, depending on when articles get submitted.

Thanks for reading, re-posting, RT’ing our posts. It is more appreciated than you know. Don’t forget to comment if you especially like something, or if you especially hate something. We want to know what works and what doesn’t.

But please, go easy on Miles when he does his post. He cries a lot.


About joshterzino

Thank you, Chicago. Your population is as kind and warmhearted as I could hope for in a metropolis. The music, the food, the's everything a person could possibly want in a city they call home. I will forever be in your debt, Chicago. Let me know if you ever need anything.
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