Headshadow – Los Atlantis EP

By Josh Terzino
Staff Writer

I’ve been working hard to get as much done before we take off for Austin Thursday, and with shows tomorrow and Tuesday night, I haven’t left myself a whole lot of time. The band Headshadow sent in their stuff a while back, and I told them I’d give it a listen. This was made fairly easy by the fact that it only includes four songs.

Another reason I wanted to do this today is because I’ve been listening to it, and I can’t get the lead track “I Don’t Want To Be In Love” out of my gord. I swear it’s a cover, but for some reason I can’t think of who sings the song I think they’re covering.

Despite that conundrum, I dig the tune quite a bit. The sound acts as a kind of time vortex for me. In their bio they list their influences as being 90’s luminaries Weezer and Nada Surf, as well as Jack White’s first offshoot, The Raconteurs. What I hear, mostly, is other bands with similar musical interests who weren’t on the level with the bands mentioned.

Headshadow appears to be most interested in a kind of punk/pop sound that reminds me of late 90’s early 00’s TRL favorites Good Charlotte or Blink-182. Now, I never liked either of those bands. Regardless of their overwhelming popularity, shitty music is what it is. These guys in Headshadow are better than that, I’m just using that genre as a comparison.

The second track, which is the title-track “Los Atlantis,” doesn’t stray far from the first one. It does have a nice R.E.M. guitar jangle at the opening that I feel is a nice touch. Beyond that, though, the song keeps in line with “I Don’t Want To Be In Love.” This song is, surprisingly, my least favorite of the four. It isn’t terrible or anything, but it tries to hard to be aggressive, and they get lost somewhere in Buckcherry country.

They don’t stay there for long, though. On the third track, “Just Bring You” they create a slow burn that touches more on 70’s era classic rock and blues. A nice variance from the rest of the EP. The guitar work on this song is really great. The format of the song allows for some flashier moves on the ax, and Chris Kayes takes full advantage of the moment.

When we get to the final track, “It Ain’t Over Yet,”  we go back to the punk roots and get a song not unlike what you may hear on a NOFX album. That brand of punk/pop I really do enjoy, and this one is no different.

It’s hard to judge a band by four songs, but it’s becoming more and more popular for bands to release a full EP instead of a single, which is nice because you get more music. It’s also awful because you get enough of a taste to get a real impression, but not enough to see the whole picture.

From what I hear, I like it. Even the song I didn’t think was all that great still had enough redemptive qualities to get a pass from me. I say pick up the EP. It’s only $4. Seeing how I almost paid $16 for an Import of Erasure’s single “A Little Respect,” $4 is a steal.


  • Headshadow is made up of three Midwest transplants: Chris Kayes-Vocals, Guitar; Thomas Hilliard-Bass; Adam Bowling-Drums
  • You can purchase Los Atlantis from the band’s website for $4
  • April 20th Headshadow will be performing at Martyr’s and on June 18th they will be at the Abbey Pub.

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