UMMA – ‘Sand Dune Undone’

Late last week, a singer-songwriter I admire in the city pinged me with welcome news: She’d been a driving force behind a new folk outfit that also would be making its show debut at Lincoln Hall a little later this month.

The artist, to quell my one-graph secrecy, is Rachele Eve, a woman I haven’t seen perform in a traditional show setting since closing out Darling’s record release show with a rousing set at The Hideout seven months ago. She, in fact, would become one of my favorite discoveries of the Chicago music scene last year — I arrived in June, anyway — with that very show ranking fairly high on my year-end list.

Since then, I’ve seen her at two Schubas engagements during the club’s maybe monthly songwriter showcases. One she performed a handful of songs with about four other musicians, and another she hosted.

Well worth your time and money, the shows are — at least — an efficient way to plug into the city’s songwriting scene. By the end of an evening, you’d’ve seen five artists perform one after another three times ’round. I don’t know that I can say enough good about them.

Funnily enough, Rachele is hosting another one tonight at Schubas at 8.

With that said, I’m excited to report that I’m, well, excited about UMMA. The group, as I understand it, is Rachele and Dan Price sharing guitar and vocal duty, and Ben White and Teddy Rankin-Parker rounding the sound with other instruments.

“Sand Dune Undone,” the only tune UMMA has uploaded publicly for now, is a lovely bit of heartbreak. A song, I think, about two people who destroy one other — armed not with intention and malice, but hardly anything at all. They simply quit what they had going. And that, as we know, is really all you need.

They paint the good times with:

I spent a year watching the sunrise over the ocean
clouds purple with joy
breathless while breathing

And the fall out — “I don’t know my sorrow/like a sand dune undone” — suggests confusion. Like: I know I can’t feel much now, but I will, I think, if I focus on it any more. Though it’ll probably come anyway.

I’ll chew on the song a little more this week, but in the meantime you can kindly listen here:


  • UMMA is Rachele Eve and Dan Price, with Ben White and Teddy Rankin-Parker.
  • They’ll be playing Monday, April 25 at Lincoln Hall. Tickets are $8.
  • In case you can’t see embedded things (look up!), you can preview “Sand Dune Undone” right here.

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