Darling — Keep Out 7″

Band: Darling
Album: Keep Out 7″
Release Date: October 1, 2011

You’ve gotta love a band that’s as transparent as Darling.

On their Bandcamp page, which, for now, has their new 7-inch uploaded free of charge, the boys of Darling do the dirty work that a good amount of other bands don’t do in that they let you know what each of the disc’s pair of songs is really about. Like “White is Night” hones in on this, and “Mako Sica” that. Done and done.

I suppose my job has been done for me — lyrically, at least. Selfishly, though, this frees me for the kind of review I want to do anyway, because I think the story this time ’round is Darling’s sound. I’ll go ahead and say they’re about as good as ever.

Feels the Same” holds a special place in my Darling heart, and I don’t know that — on record — it’s surpassed by either of Keep Out’s tracks. But what I do know is that “White is Night” and “Mako Sica” make a good pairing, and will be welcome additions to the group’s live show.

“White is Night” sounds like what results from a band that shares family ties with Dan Schneider. That spooky organ sound that I so associate with The Singleman Affair shines in the beginning of “White is Night,” as well as a few other spots. Yet Darling works it in by carefully weaving it with what’s been familiar to Darling — steady guitar, group wailing and so on. It’s nice.

“Mako Sica” is about twice as long, and halfway through is a platform for Darling to explore the air a bit. Which is great, because I think one thing the band hasn’t actively associated itself with is jamming, in the practical sense. Sometimes you have to let it get going and see what comes out the other side,  yeah?

Well this kind of happens in “Mako Sica,” and it’s very exciting. I mean, there’s very little I like more in my music than bands letting their voices rest a bit and giving their other instruments a shot out in front. Darling’s jam in “Mako Sica” feels confined by efforts to be orderly, but it’s certainly a start.

Even so, a warm handshake is due to Darling on their new one. I think these two tracks bode well for what’s to come in their next LP.


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