Any Kind, Algebro @ Schubas (1/9)

credit: Algebro's Facebook

There are few things that will get me out of the house on a busy Monday night. A Dan Duszynski project is one of them.

I should state right up front that his new band, Any Kind, was the reason I went to Clip Art’s first night of residency at Schubas. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay for that band, and I’m kicking myself for leaving early. I hope to make it back to see them next week.

Their openers, however, left me totally satisfied.

First up was Algebro, a band I’ve been hearing about quite a bit but hadn’t taken the time to check out. Now I’m sorry I never did. Watching Thom Cathcart was something like watching a Nicolas Cage character front a band. He is a sweaty, verbose mess, his lyrics ingenious and conversational without ever sounding too studied. I was completely taken in by the band, who played with casual raggedness and a subtlety that matched the quality of the songs. These guys will definitely be on my radar from here on out, and I can’t wait to here more from them.

Now, Any Kind was an entirely different kind of band. Consisting mostly of members of one of my favorite local acts — This is Me Smiling — this new project is essentially the same band sans keyboardist Sheldon Miller. Deserters’ Bobby Lord steps in on guitar, keys and vocals. Frontman Dan Duszynski also plays with Greta Morgan (ex-The Hush Sound) in Gold Motel. And the Chicago musical family tree keeps expanding.

Although there were a couple of minor technical hiccups, mostly related to Dan’s new synthesizer/vocal processor (Read: TOY), the band sounded great and the songs were typically excellent. As far as I am concerned, Duszynski is the king of Chicago pop, and in this new project he seems to be expanding his palette, moving ever so slightly from the power pop of This is Me Smiling into a little bit of modern rock territory.

I am really looking forward to following these guys as their record is released and they start to play more shows. This was their first show, and as the set went on they started to click better and really feed off of the energy of the crowd as people filtered inside. I can tell that they will only get better, and I just hope I’m there for as much of it as I can be.

Note: Danny is an intern at Schubas.


  • Both Any Kind and Algebro are Chicago based. Any Kind is Dan Duszynski, Matt Schuessler, Adam Kalthenhauser and Bobby Lord; Algebro is Thom Cathcart, Eddie Dixon, Adam Fitz, Dan Salyers and Ryan Suzuka.
  • Any Kind’s debut album is expected to be released next month. Listen here. | Bandcamp

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