Hollows — Vulture

Band: Hollows
Album: Vulture
Release Date: April 10, 2012
Free mp3: “Up & Down” (’til April 25)

This I’ve realized: Hollows is a rock band, yes, but a distinctly simple one. They cut through the middle, you know, like franchise running backs without marked diversions to the fringe.

What could be interpreted as slight isn’t meant to be so. There’s something to be said about a group of artists — in this case, a foursome of ladies in front and a dude on drums in back — who set out and assembled a collection of thumpers that aren’t exceptionally taxing on the ears of its listeners.

In a year that’s had me shuffling through what I might describe as an extended stay inside the city’s garage/psych/lo-fi compound, to have recognized Hollows at the time that I did seems in a way purposeful. Their daydreamy tunes are like welcome respite amidst the wash of hooking bangs I’ve grown accustomed.

Even a tune like “Up & Down” — the cream, I think, on Vulture — smashes open with a crack of drums and organ in tandem but then swiftly calibrates after a quarter of a minute to better align with the sound of the album. As if amidst the recording the band reached past amiable and into more wiley land before slipping into its effervescent skin.

Hollows seems at times like oldfangled surf to me. I think I track it the most in “Golden Chain,” where Maria Jenkins’ bright guitar swirls without restraint. She gets similar play in “Strange Effect.”

Or perhaps Hollows is just oldfangled. Vulture plays like a kind of vintage thing of another year, but ornamented with fresh wares. I think it’s the organ, and for sure that frisky whistle in “Shapeshifter,” that get it there.

Humble and probably a little bashful, Hollows doesn’t wander too far from cuddly with a lick of frolic. Like a toasty hug, really, particularly when all those voices tag team a song. Which is often.


  • The Chicago-based Hollows is Maria Jenkins (organ, vox), Megan Kasten (guitar, vox), Emma Hospelhorn (bass, vox), Jason Davlantes (drums) and Hannah Harris (percussion, vox). | Facebook
  • Vulture can be had for $12 (LP) or $8 (CD). | Trouble in Mind Records
  • Hollows play a free in-store at Saki on Record Store Day, April 21. | Event Info
  • They’ve also got a record release coming up at Subterranean. Support: Radar Eyes, Coffin Pricks, Summer Girlfriends. $8. | Event Info

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