Kodacrome — ‘The Bug’

Band: Kodacrome
Album: Perla EP
Release Date: March 27, 2012

It seems the stuff of When Clouds Attack was more affecting than I’d thought. That Chicago-based band’s debut album, Young Blood, was discussed here earlier in the month and might have been the first album of its kind to be featured in these pages.

As I put it then: “I’ve listened to [When Clouds Attack’s] Young Blood often, and I’ve swung around to embrace that I am, I guess, so taken by a troupe so dependent on electronic buzzes.”

Only a few weeks have passed since that review, and again I am, I guess, so taken by a troupe so dependent on electronic buzzes.

I don’t think I’m as enthusiastic about Kodacrome’s Perla than I had been for When Clouds Attack’s Young Blood, but the EP’s lead-off, “The Bug,” seemed like it deserved a shot of attention, at least. It and “Robbery” are the only tracks I’ve repeatedly listened to, really.

So what about “The Bug”? It’s a kick up from the soothers on Young Blood, but staves off the kind of aggressive hop you’d probably expect from the creatives experimenting in electronics. (Sidebar: I dislike “electronic” as a genre about as much as I do “garage.” I won’t use it again in this post).

“The Bug” is a tune with delicate turns, and delicate transitions into those turns, thereby bunny hugging with a kind of calm in lieu of rocketing off into the rowdier places that synths sometimes takes us to.

I’m responding to “The Bug,” I think, because it doesn’t overwhelm.

“Robbery” was mentioned, too. Lively finale:


  • The New York-based Kodacrome is Elissa Pociask (vocals, synth), Ryan Casey (synth, drums, vocals) and Phil DaRosa (guitar, vocals).
  • Pay what you want for the Perla EP. | Bandcamp

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