Post Honeymoon – ‘The Yellow Leaf’

credit: Post Honeymoon’s Facebook

Whereas “Unraveling Mr. Murphy” was the tune I linked y’all to the last time I wrote about Post Honeymoon here, I now want to direct your precious attentions to “The Yellow Leaf.” It’s been so firmly stuck in my brain this week, apparently, that I was moved enough to say so publicly. I’ve looped it a fair amount since about Sunday.

Together “Unraveling Mr. Murphy” and “The Yellow Leaf” make up a pair of songs Post Honeymoon posted to the internet, I presume, late last year. “The Yellow Leaf” seems darker of the two, and I think the fixed drum beats and saucy electric guitar get it there. Rachel’s vocals, too, are so discomforting for me sometimes — and I mean that positively — breaking a path for Post Honeymoon to roll through with, quite unnaturally, its peppy doom.

That’s what this group is for me on “The Yellow Leaf.” Dour, but with step.

Have at it:


  • The Chicago-based Post Honeymoon is Rachel Shindelman Kraska and Nick Kraska. | Facebook
  • Pay what you want for “The Yellow Leaf” and “Unraveling Mr. Murphy.” | Bandcamp

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