Tyler Jon Tyler — ‘New England Street’

credit: Tyler Jon Tyler’s Facebook

I revisited Tyler Jon Tyler for only a teensy bit last night — honestly, a taste of a session — and so, for a good chunk of the day, today, I’ve had Tyler Jon Tyler on the brain. Particularly: “New England Street.” Gosh, what an exuberant tune.

I checked ’em out for the first time, actually, on Valentine’s Day. They, Nones and The Runnies collected themselves at the Empty Bottle for what was an evening of nowdy madness. As you might know, The Runnies have since been worshiped like heroes around here.

What’s most excellent about Tyler Jon Tyler is their lively brand of youthful vigor. When they’re on and loud, I feel I can totally escape my place and profession and the rest of it, really, because they seem to slip me back to times of eased responsibilities.

I don’t know what triggered Tyler Jon Tyler this week. I probably just want to see them play again. Only engagement I see is a show next weekend in Dekalb. Poops. STRIKE THAT: Per TJT, they’ve got a 6/9 show at Ball Hall and a 6/30 record release (7″) at Cole’s!

Go on and adore “New England Street.” It’s aged a handful of years already, I know. But if you haven’t already done so, it’ll get you in the spirit for the Chicago summer for sure.


  • The Chicago-based Tyler Jon Tyler is Rebecca Flores, Nathan Jerde and Tom Cassling. | Facebook
  • Download “New England Street” and three more for free. | Soundcloud

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