Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside @ The Hideout (5/22)

credit: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside’s Facebook

You know, when Chicago Tunes got up and going in August 2010, I about gave equal time to bands based in Chicago and those not based in Chicago. I also had a good amount of people writing with me from then to late fall/early winter. So between the multiple perspectives and our independent tastes, the page covered all sorts of things, really.

The next year was interesting. I broke away in hiatus for some time, and when I returned I brought with me some renewed kind of focus to what I was doing with this thing. By then nearly all the writers had left, and no more than a few weeks after that, probably, they’d all left.

I think there’s something serendipitous to that. By paring down its voices to one — however undesigned — Chicago Tunes started to become the kind of thing I think I envisioned from the beginning: That is, a Chicago-based blog about Chicago-based music.

From then on, or thereabouts, my attention diverted damn near exclusively to Chicago-based music. So much so that when I pick through Early Warnings in The Reader’s B Side anymore, I at times feel pretty out of touch. The hot bands of a year or two or more that are touring around I might recognize; those newer than that? Well, I dunno.

Such is the fallout of being so completely obsessed with the good people creating great things in and around the city. After awhile it becomes all you know, really, which I’m apparently totally OK with. Of course, that also means I’m finding out about bands like Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside a bit later than I should.

Sallie dropped into The Hideout Tuesday night, my first evening there in some time, and I must say I feel so totally fortunate to have friends with their ears still so firmly planted to the ground below to have known this. Else wise, an invite to Sallie’s show would not have come, and I would not have listened to their album, Dirty Radio, as much as I did today.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is the kind of band that just takes you back — whatever that might mean to you. For me they’re like a kind of ’60s pop band with bumped step.

Their front woman is bouncy and carefree, a crown of curls boppin’ around, big thick specs, warm smiles and laughter. Her siren of a voice just punctured the room with a kind of gusto. Tuesday night Sallie wore a spectacular form-fitted dress that so fitted the kind of early rock atmosphere a Sallie Ford live show evokes.

Have at the track, “I Swear,” that leads off Dirty Radio:


  • The Portland-based Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is Sallie Ford, Tyler Tornfelt, Ford Tennis and Jeff Munger. | Facebook
  • Their album, Dirty Radio, is available for purchase in a few different ways! | Partisan Records

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