Any Kind — ‘Never Seen Anyone Out There Like You’; Dear Everyone — ‘Whatever Forever,’ ‘Brain Children’

Any Kind’s Dan Duszynski has recently been involved in the release of three beguiling video projects that deserve some mention. The first is the debut music video for that band’s single, “Never Seen Anyone Out There Like You”:

The found footage in the video stays pretty literal, with each shot perfectly complementing the accompanying lyric. It’s hard not to miss the symbolic importance of the classic ’50s images strewn throughout and the idealism that they represent coupled with each gloomy line.

The feeling of loneliness is addressed more directly towards the second half of the song when we’re transported to space, followed by a hazy sequence where the stag film clips from earlier are overlaid and the emotions in the song come to a head.

The other two projects fall under a different umbrella, a project called Dear Everyone that he started with his girlfriend, Emily Cross of Cross Record. This is a much harder one to pin down. Also comprised of found footage, these videos and songs are much more experimental. If you have heard the music of either of these two, you might be able to imagine the kinds of sounds a joint recording project between them might produce.

“Whatever Forever” makes heavy use of what seems to be an old Spanish language soap opera, featuring some odd alien creature similar in appearance to E.T.

“Brain Children” is a terrifying mash-up of an early ’90s short film called “How to Operate Your Brain.” As the description for the video states, it is “best viewed full screen full blast in the dark.”


  • The Chicago-based Any Kind is Dan Duszynski (guitars, keys, vocals), Matt Schuessler (bass), Adam Kalthenhauser (drums) and Bobby Lord (guitar, keys, vocals). | Facebook
  • A N Y K I N D, their debut, can be freely streamed online. | Bandcamp

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