Tyler Jon Tyler — ‘Loyal Caskets’; Mawrcrest — ‘I Know’

credit: Tyler Jon Tyler’s Facebook

Seems like a good day to share new music, I suppose. I’ve got a pair of tunes for ya, actually. They’re the brainchildren of two bands playing separate shows later on this week [see below]. So eat ’em up and enjoy, and then come out come out for some good fun.

Song one is a new one by Tyler Jon Tyler. They’ve got a 7″ prepped for release on Saturday at Cole’s, and I think it safe in assuming “Loyal Caskets” has a spot on it.

“Loyal Caskets” is cuddly punk, and just about captures what I like so much about these guys. It’s catchy, sure, and toys with a kind of edge that’s more playful than it is bullying. Rebecca’s given great liberty, too, in exploring the space with her siren cries.

I don’t know; there’s an innocence about TJT that’s just magic for me. They transport me to times of reduced seriousness and efficiency.

“Loyal Caskets”

The other tune of note is Mawrcrest‘s “I Know.” They’ve been uploading to Soundcloud with such rapidity lately, and it’s awesome. So much so, actually, that they’ve got a tune newer than the one I’m about to share with ya. And “I Know” went live about 10 days ago.

There’s something kind and classic about Mawrcrest’s sound. Like a gentle rock hug of the Neil Young/Tom Petty variety. An accessible sound, then, but one that’s also their own. I’ve yet to have a run-in with a group doing a similar thing Mawrcrest has been doing in Chicago.

“I Know”


  • The Chicago-based Tyler Jon Tyler is Rebecca Flores, Nathan Jerde and Tom Cassling. | Facebook
  • The Chicago-based Mawrcrest is the bomb. | Facebook
  • TJT plays Cole’s on Saturday, and will be releasing a 7″ then. Cole’s is always free. 10 p.m.
  • Mawrcrest plays the night before at The Hideout. Support: Dorian Taj, Rock Falls. Seven bucks. | Event Info

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