Daylight Robbery — ‘Monumental Cross,’ ‘Circles’

Like Suns, Daylight Robbery is another esteemed local putting out new stuff so very soon. Both groups I’ve come to know in the past month by happening upon them, without expectation, at shows. There can’t be a more natural way to sniff out fresh bands to track than at a live show, I think.

I had the good fortune of getting formally introduced to these guys inside and up the stairs of Bridgeport’s super DIY venue, The Orphanage. The space, I’d come to find, would be an ideal spot in Chicago to get cozy with Daylight. The Orphanage’s most handsome perk, among many, is its total disregard for traditional staging. You stand (and then jump around on) the same floor the band plays on. You’re pretty much encouraged to get as close as your funky self wants.

That Daylight gleams punk made it all perfect, really.

Anyway, “Monumental Cross” has me extremely excited for what Daylight Robbery has been hard at work on for two years. It appears to be the lead single off Ecstatic Vision — or it’s the lone tune, at least, the band’s sharing for now — and holy crap. It’s a basic blowout of guitars and drums for nearly four minutes.

“Monumental Cross”

And, why not, here’s a bonus handpick from an older EP of theirs. I’ve listened to it a bunch today.



  • The Chicago-based Daylight Robbery is Jeff Rice (drums), Christine Wolf (bass/vocals) and David Wolf (guitar/vocals). | Facebook
  • All Daylight Robbery music is in one free place. | Bandcamp
  • Daylight next plays Chicago on July 21 at Crown Tap (2821 N. Milwaukee Ave.) Support: Doom Town, Nones.

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