Daylight Robbery — Ecstatic Vision

Band: Daylight Robbery
Album: Ecstatic Vision
Release Date: July 21, 2012

I’ve only been listening to Daylight Robbery since their set at The Orphanage about a month ago. So that Ecstatic Vision contains their most sonically pleasing track to date doesn’t register in me the kind of excited, “long time coming!” response in me it probably deserves.

Yet for admirers of this peppy three-piece, I think they should know I’d go up to bat in favor of “Monumental Cross,” the track Daylight’s been smartly promoting, as the group’s mightiest trump card. Prior to it I’d been a staunch junkie of “Circles,” the closing tune off a 2009 EP and, I think, a song still in heavy rotation at Daylight Robbery live shows.

What shouldn’t be overlooked is the convenient structure that sort of overlaps the two. “Monumental Cross” feels like the rightful successor to “Circles” for elaborating on what made “Circles” awesome. Unlike a lot of Daylight Robbery, “Monumental Cross” adheres to orthodox verse/chorus organization before slowly augmenting into its bombastic, lights-out finale.

Much of Ecstatic Vision hits about as quick as “Monumental Cross” does. Opener “Racer Racer,” actually, moves Ecstatic Vision from zero to outburst within a second. That Daylight’s previous LP, Through the Confusion, closed itself with a frustrating fade out enriches EV’s supercharged intro.

The high energy in “Racer Racer” slips into “Rearview Mirror” real well — like “Rearview” is the former’s supplement and not a separate piece. More drum heavy, I think, than the rest you’ll hear on Ecstatic Vision, “Rearview Mirror” is Jeff’s fling at sitting out in front of Daylight’s guitars.

In the throes of such beautiful summer, Daylight Robbery’s timing with Ecstatic Vision is sweet. The album’s brash and loud and continues the accessible-punk tradition these guys have been working hard to cultivate.


  • The Chicago-based Daylight Robbery is Jeff Rice (drums), Christine Wolf (bass/vocals) and David Wolf (guitar/vocals). | Facebook
  • Vinyl copies of Ecstatic Vision are selling for 12 bucks. | Residue Records
  • Releases previous to Ecstatic Vision are totally free on Daylight Roberry’s Bandcamp. | Bandcamp
  • Upcoming shows: August 18 at Mousetrap; August 30 at the Empty Bottle.

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