Mazes — ‘Peace Can Do No Wrong’

The first single off Mazes new one, Mazes Blazes, is sunny and light. It reminds me of a 1900s tune of yore like “Two Ways” or maybe the weezy “Collections,” though it stomps with richer kick and is lacquered in pretty gloss.

Listening to “Peace Can Do No Wrong,” actually, reminds me how much I miss the 1900s. Their approach to rock was gentle and pleasant. Like they were giving our ears big warm hugs. Mazes is two parts 1900s plus three.

I admit I know less about Mazes than that other band. This is the first time I’ve written about Mazes. “Peace” makes me really want to change that because “Peace” is a knockout. It does what a single probably should do: It makes me want to listen to Mazes Blazes in full.

For the tune, Mazes hooks up with Chicago acapella troupe Blue Ribbon Glee Club. I’d like to know how this came to be, because the resulting thing is nearly spiritual. The young pilgrim deserves a drink on me.

Blue Ribbon cuts in, vocally, about halfway through to the end, though I suppose they’re the fools handclapping in back throughout “Peace.” According to Chicagoist Mazes and Blue Ribbon collaborate only once on Mazes Blazes.

Please have a listen:


  • The Chicago-based Mazes is Edward Anderson, Pat Cavanaugh, Caroline Donovan, Charlie D’Autremont and Tom Smith.
  • Mazes Blazes can be pre-ordered for ten bucks. Ships in September. | Parasol
  • Mazes plays the Empty Bottle on August 13 with Thin Hymns and Birthmark. Free. | Event Info

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3 Responses to Mazes — ‘Peace Can Do No Wrong’

  1. We had such a great time working with Mazes on this track– so glad you liked it! (we’re also harmonizing at the very beginning of the tune…) Thank you, Mazes!

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  3. kulturterrorismus says:

    Maze is a very interesting group, which can be succesfull in Europa or here in Berlin, too!

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