Color Card — So Long

Band: Color Card
Album: So Long
Release Date: August 1, 2012

So Long plays like the sonic reciprocal, much of the time, to a restful lay atop a pillowy raft carving its way through narrow seas of glass. I suppose it’s the energy (or lack thereof). Color Card doesn’t ask much of me, then, and neither would that raft.

I’ve found these guys are best experienced by sinking into the sweet spot of your furniture piece of choice and, concurrently, minimizing distraction by faking a sleep. Color Card’s zombie trances can get transcendent if you let them be.

Only a handful bands I’ve written about this year made it to the celebratory “to write up” pile via email. Color Card would be one of those bands. Their manager passed along a tactful message and, hey, here am I about a week later recommending Color Card.

Granted it wasn’t like at first sight with these guys. It took a few attempts for me to feel like I’d properly dug into their material. The breathy vocals, a good amount of them harmonized, just hang there with everything else. Hardly do they reach and sing broadly. The vocals, rather, work almost unitedly with the blurry instrumentals. They sit side by side like a family of four at church. It took some getting use to.

So Long might not be spritely nor hopeful, yet it massages the ears like an appropriate happy hour cocktail does the throat. Color Card soothes, man.

Ones I like:


  • The Chicago-based Color Card is Kyle Irwin and Eden Sierotnik. | Facebook
  • Add So Long to your music library for zero dollars. | Bandcamp
  • Color Card plays the Empty Bottle on Tuesday (Sept. 4) with Fergus & Geronimo and Advance Base. $8 (free w/ rsvp). | Event Info

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