Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside — ‘Not An Animal’

credit: Sallie Ford’s Facebook

I saw Sallie Ford and the Outside Sound in May and came away floored the Hideout only expected 10 bucks from me to enter the room. Sallie kindly squeezed more green out of me that evening, come to think, because I left with their debut full length, Dirty Radio.

Since then I’ve been wildly enthusiastic about Sallie. So immediately I connected with their sound, which mostly hits like a kind of filthy ’50s, and settles on the ears like a cozy scarf would on neck.

Sallie’s rasp is crisp and pronounced. She’s extremely difficult not to like. I enjoy her, anyway, as well as those I’ve shared her with. I get many a “who’s this?” during and following the chance listening parties.

I only recently checked out their back catalog and discovered they’d released a five-track EP prior to the LP. “Not An Animal” is the standout:

Sallie’s relevant to Chicagoans this week for returning to the Hideout on Thursday. Opening for her is a lovely local, Darling, which is playing its first show of original material in about a year.


  • The Portland-based Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is Sallie Ford, Tyler Tornfelt, Ford Tennis and Jeff Munger. | Facebook
  • Sallie Ford/Darling is so highly recommended by me I can barely stand it. Again, 10 bucks. | Tickets

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