Outer Minds — ‘We Are All Stone’

I’ve known for awhile that the best thing about Outer Minds is “Always in My Head.” Some might say their tent pole isn’t “Always in My Head” but “Footsteps” or maybe “Gimme a Reason.” (The latter, despite widespread confusion, is not a spirited update to a more eloquently titled Tracy Chapman hit of the mid-nineties.)

“Footsteps,” “Gimme a Reason,” all else on the Outer Minds self-title released earlier this year aren’t nearly as exuberant as “Always in My Head.” So bouncy and exciting. I challenge you to out-do Mary’s key slam between 2:45-3:10, which, awesome as it is, leads directly into the tune’s full-measure climax. It’d be my favorite slice of song to perform live, anyway:

To my great amazement, the track was omitted from the set they did at Miles’ thing a few weeks ago. In its place, and in a bunch of other places, were samplings from another Outer Minds album, which should be released, or so I’ve heard, on Halloween.

The show was my first genuine preview of the new material. So removed is it from fluffier “Always in My Head”-like fare that it seems about right for Outer Minds to continue meditating in Behind the Mirror. Not just to rightly promote it, of course, but to keep on keeping on the train that moved these guys to challenge their pretty sound in the first place.

Perhaps I have it wrong — my grasp on the new stuff is more general by now than it was as I walked away from the Empty Bottle — but I remember it being more austere and aggressive. A touch wicked, actually. I loved it. Accordingly I don’t know that they’ve ever been this confident.

I’ve found just one Behind the Mirror track floating around out there, and, what the hell, let’s see what ya think. There’s a very good chance they’ll play it Sunday at the Empty Bottle when they headline a benefit with The Runnies, Wizard Castle and EntroEmcee:

The Runnies, as you might know, also happens to be big favorites ’round here. That they’re warming up the stage for Outer Minds seems like tremendous win. Consider sliding over a beer to Mary at some point as she’s head key specialist for both bands and, thus, plays twice. Download: “Over No One.”


  • Outer Minds’ Empty Bottle show. Ten bucks. | Tickets
  • I’m still listening to The Runnies’ You Can’t Win (2011). Available free or by small donation. | Candy Dinner

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