Pony Trash — ‘Submarine,’ ‘Down to the River’

“Submarine” reminds me of a thing the kids in Mawrcrest might’ve eventually produced had they clung to their conservative, Whisker Music-esque values for several years more. Chill as turtles in sun, “Submarine” doesn’t seem in hurry to go about anywhere. In fact, Science, I feel I’ve remarkably gained time by listening to it. That 5:30 becomes 5:25 or whatever. I bet “Submarine” sets even big brawny big guys to bed.

Compare that to a livelier “Down to the River” and you get good sense of the range of Pony Trash, a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based club readying the release of their debut collection — an EP — around Thanksgiving. Though I’m not yet with it to offer my full review, I’m compelled to gloat some about a handful of tracks off the EP that appeared in my inbox a week and a half ago.

Pony Trash, you all should consider visiting us.


  • The Twin Cities-based Pony Trash is Neil Weir (guitar/vocals), Nate Nelson (guitar), Chris Bierden (bass/vocals) and Ollie Moltaji (drums). | Facebook
  • Their EP is streaming on Bandcamp. Or buy the vinyl for $18. | Bandcamp

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