Whales — ‘Horses’

credit: Whales’ Facebook

I had this song sent to me by the Chicago-based Whales. I nearly saw them myself a few months ago when they played a show with Post Honeymoon.

“Horses” reminds me of something Tiny Magnets might do. I haven’t written about that outfit in, oh, two years. Maigin’s sparkly vocals sitting atop the rock called to mind the TM when Allison is actually on mic.

Whales is the more aggressive of the two though. Pronounced bass. Good track.


  • The Chicago-based Whales is Allen Sears, Maigin Blank, Michael Janas and Randall S. Murphy. | Facebook
  • More Whales on Bandcamp. | Bandcamp
  • They hit the Empty Bottle on November 15. Support: Grimble Grumble, Miracle Condition. Eight dollars (free with rsvp). | Tickets

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