Archie Powell & The Exports @ Subterranean (10/27)

I’m pleased somebody snapped a shot of Archie Powell at Saturday’s Halloween show at Subterranean:

credit: Archie’s Twitter

A friend assumed Courtney Love at first. I agreed. Blonde punky chick. Done. But then a mid-set outfit change signaled Madonna. Archie, which one? (It was Ke$ha.)

In back you by god better notice it’s Quailman on drums. RJ, this one‘s for you.

“Most Unique” hands-down goes to Ryan, who was seated way stage right and missed the shot. His face said mouse, butt said raccoon and chest said B cup.

Archie Powell & The Exports‘ Halloween show was my first Archie show in awhile. Regardless what I like about these guys is how clearly they expect little more than party at live shows. They’re an intentional band and have played a serious amount of shows this year, but they keep the business at the top of Subterranean’s coiled stairway. Archie wants a good time, and that’s it.


  • The Chicago-based Archie Powell & The Exports is: Archie Powell (vox, guitar), Ryan Lynch (keys), Adam Melberth (bass, vox) and RJ Schillaci (drums). | Facebook
  • Buy Great Ideas in Action for $7.50. It’s good. | Bandcamp
  • Archie Powell plays Metro on November 21 with JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, I Kong Kult and DJ Ross Kelly. Fifteen bucks. | Tickets

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