Handpicked from Chicago Mixtape (#77-89)

Picking through the weekly Chicago Mixtapes is a lot like stepping inside a Unique or Village. Never do I begin with a particular in mind. And most of the time I leave with nothing. It’s a stroll through a lot of everything.

I’ve synthesized the past dozen or so EP-sized mixtapes into a highly-concentrated handful of fly that actually appeased me. Enjoy these.

Mixtape #77: Bare Mutants — “Without You” | Listen

I’ve seen these guys three times this year. My first show with them — Radar Eyes‘ record release at the Empty Bottle in February — still seems Bare Mutants at their most momentous. Much of their catalog requires a spell of patience, but the payoffs typically energize and restore like the climax in “Without You.”

Mixtape # 79: Uh Bones — “Amess” |

I’m surprised I haven’t written about these guys yet. I’ve seen ’em once and caught a bit of another set I think. Not a fan of the name — unless it’s got back story that marvels — but I do like what they’ve done with their repurposed take on garage of yore. It’s super fuzzy and super good.

Mixtape #80: Paul Cary — “Iryna” |

Paul Cary‘s “Iryna” is intensely guitar-driven and really kind of ageless. Paul’s cry keeps things mostly at bay until those bulking riffs push in.

Mixtape #85: Oshwa — “Me O Mai” |

Oshwa at once reminded me of a hyper local take on tUnE-yArDs. Then I learned it wasn’t just one fool making all the racket but several. I do think if you fancy Merrill Garbus you might take a liking to Oshwa’s expressive weirdness.

Mixtape #89: Stereospeak — “Below the Earth” |

Let’s end things with Stereospeak. Their “Below the Earth” may seem a touch ethereal after all that bump and din. It’s harmless and real steady, and a pretty show of caroled vocals and gentle orchestra.

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