Advance Base — A Shut-In’s Prayer

Band: Advance Base
Album: A Shut-In’s Prayer
Release Date: May 15, 2012

About a week ago Danny was at The Athenaeum Theatre in Lakeview. Ben Gibbard was in town in support of a new album released last month. Opening for him was Advance Base (Owen Ashworth).

I’m pleased Danny went and thrilled, even, that he wrote about the experience. Otherwise I might not yet know about Advance Base. Music that seems like wonderful cadence for me at a time and year when my taste leaned safely on the side of the spectrum populated by noisy psych and garage.

Advance Base is conveyed through keys and throaty bellow, and strengthened by drum machine and occasional tambourine. And occasional support vocal. Owen’s minimalist approach is like that of a tike with a backyard to roam who carefully frolics in a circle of eight-foot diameter.

No matter its cheerlessness, I’ve listened to “My Sister’s Birthday” more than the others, I think. Perhaps because I’ve got one, too. The song doesn’t share feelings, but presents a series of facts. Infer as you wish.

Much of A Shut-In’s Prayer is this way. That Owen shows his words in lieu of telling them makes his messages — layered atop a wash of dawdling tempo that rarely outpaces the beat of a human heart — all the more affecting.


  • The Chicago-based Advance Base is Owen Ashworth, Jody Weinmann and Nick Ammerman. | Facebook
  • A Shut-In’s Prayer is available in a variety of formats for $8-12. | Orindal
  • Advance Base plays The Burlington on December 6. Support: Julie Byrne, J Fernandez. Seven bucks.

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