Handpicked shows for February 2013

Here are some shows you should consider going to this month.

11568Friday, February 8: Jaill @ Beat Kitchen, 9:30 p.m.
Cost: Ten | Tickets
Other acts: Slushy, The Bingers

I’ve been into Jaill about as long as I’ve lived here – three years, coming up – and in that time have seen them just once: at an abbreviated in-store set at Reckless (Wicker Park) last summer. For a Subpop band that calls Milwaukee home, I’m floored by how little these guys visit us lowly Chicagoans. Perhaps their infrequent trips – they seem to drive down about once a year – is their symbolic way of giving us the American Robin. They’re letting us know we’re too tame a city. Or maybe they’re lazy. I do recall a biting remark that skipped off the tongue of their front man, though, that suggested we all drank too much milk prior to their in-store. You know, he was right. We had way less bounce than a mid-week, mid-day crowd should have. For the first time in awhile Jaill plays a proper Chicago venue. I hope the set skews on the That’s How We Burn side.

1113963030-1Thursday, February 14: Post Honeymoon @ Schubas, 9 p.m.
Cost: Ten | Tickets
Other acts: White Mystery, Absolutely Not, Twin Peax

So I’ll probably miss Jaill’s Beat Kitchen show on the eighth due to other obligations. My most anticipated set of the month might then be the one Post Honeymoon will do at Schubas on Valentine’s Day. That is of course if I’m without a suitor for yet another Valentine’s Day or, perhaps, my admirer would actually be interested in experiencing with me an opener as weird and interesting as Post Honeymoon. The one time I’ve seen them was a Township show last spring. Though I went there for my Runnies, it was Team Kraska’s bizarre set that made the night. Just a husband and wife sharing vocals and plenty of instruments. I’ve yet to find another local pulling off freaky clamor as victoriously as Post Honeymoon does.

Digipak 4P 1CDFriday, February 22: Panda Riot [record release] @ The Hideout, 10 p.m.
Cost: Eight | Tickets
Other acts: Big Colour, Lightfoils

This week I’ve rotated Panda Riot’s new one, Northern Automatic Music, with a heavy hand. It’s sparkly and bright. Frankly I’m surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed a thing that twinkles like sequins do in the sun. Perhaps it’s the film of haze that obscures their clatter. Panda Riot erects walls of sound that are simple enough to avoid registering as tiresome. Their walls are playful. Maybe a little bashful. It’s a sound that errs on the kinder side of pop that, again, I don’t usually recommend as warmly as I am now. Though NAM will be released on February 19, it will be formally celebrated a few days later at a venue that’s desperately difficult to get to no matter where you live. I’d suggest taking a bike if the roads are clear.

82495344-1Wednesday, February 27: Deadbeat @ The Burlington, 9 p.m.
Cost: Seven
Other acts: David Yontz

Deadbeat’s been on my radar for several weeks now. Ever since Jessica Risker of the excellent Absinthe & the Dirty Floors let me know about her solo project she calls Deadbeat. She’s played a handful of shows under the Deadbeat moniker since my review of her 2012 EP was published a week ago. Her gig at The Burlington at the end of the month, though, might be my first chance to see her live. I like the idea of her headlining a singer-songwriter set inside the Burlington “cave.” It’s a tidy little venue that became a quick favorite of mine after a fall-time visit last year. I could see the Burlington competing with the Empty Bottle more directly if its booking were as consistent as the Empty Bottle’s.

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