Hidden Era — ‘Until Morning’

credit: Hidden Era's Facebook

credit: Hidden Era’s Facebook

Hidden Era’s debut single, “Until Morning,” is a cry of prayer supported by throaty guitar. Its delicate vocals and burly strings are driven by unconquerable despair, forming an unexpected balance the longer I listened.

Elizabeth Burchfield seems coached by a young Joan Osborne. Her gentle voice projects the kind of funny anguish that had me ambling over to Joany in her prime. I like how Elizabeth so proudly refuses love and laughter and hate and hope to prove her worth, and yet she is still so obviously hopeless. Perhaps such assurance is her curse.


  • The Chicago-based Hidden Era is Elizabeth Burchfield and Alex Longoria.
  • Video: “Until Morning
  • Elizabeth tells me a Hidden Era five-track EP will be released in a month.

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One Response to Hidden Era — ‘Until Morning’

  1. Tom says:

    This music is crap.

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