Uh Bones — Only You

3608672434-1Band: Uh Bones
Album: Only You
Release Date: February 12, 2013

Eric has already written on this blog about Uh Bones, and I’m not sure I can add much more in regards to the good work they are doing for our mini ’60s revivalist movement. But this week the Chicago garage rock trio released a new EP, and any excuse to write about a band this exciting is good enough for me.

In fact, this hardly even qualifies as a new EP. Two of the four songs, “He’s Got It” and “Amess,” also appeared on their self-titled cassette released last June. This time they’ve been repackaged and the band is selling copies on vinyl through their website.

The two new tunes fit in nicely, both extensions of the lo-fi Kinksian pop of their first outing. The way that their songs are recorded seem to get something across that I’m not sure would show in a different setting. Certainly the DIY vibe is well represented here, and it’s nice to hear a band that isn’t hiding behind fuzz; they have the songs to justify the affectation.

I have yet to catch this band live, but I hope to soon. So far no news has been announced about a release show for Only You, but we can expect one soon and you can expect that I’ll be in attendance.


    • The Chicago-based Uh Bones is Luke Trimble, Nick Beaudoin and Joe Montanaro. | Facebook
    • Only You is yours for four bucks (mp3s) or five bucks plus shipping (vinyl). | Bandcamp | UhBones.com

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