Sunjacket — ‘Alligator,’ ‘Partition’

1778072308-1And that’s why you always follow up!

Carl Hauck reached out to me this month to introduce me to his new indie, Sunjacket. A band so new they’ve yet to grace a local stage. That gets rectified tonight at Beat Kitchen.

I remembered Carl’s name from an email exchange we’d done a few years ago in regards to his forthcoming (at the time) album, Windjammer. Josh reviewed the thing. It, he wrote then, “offers up some nice, soft ballads that tear at your heartstrings.” Josh thought Carl’s music “cerebral.”

Sunjacket doesn’t strive for these things. In lieu of them they’ve formed a murky yet elegant rock. A straightforward sound with a sprinkling of intrigue.

Sunjacket placed four demos on Bandcamp. I’ve handpicked a pair.



  • The Chicago-based Sunjacket is Garret Bodette, Carl Hauck, Bryan Kveton, Tricia Scully and Ross Tasch. | Facebook
  • Their four demos are available for free streams and downloads. | Bandcamp
  • Sunjacket plays Beat Kitchen on Thursday. Eight bucks. | Tickets

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