Write for Chicago Tunes

Dear Reader,

I launched Chicago Tunes in August 2010 to document and promote the city’s music scene. In that time I’ve been exposed to a lot of material. I’d like some help.

I want new contributors, with original perspectives, to unearth and then study untouched layers of Chicago’s music scene. Perhaps you can introduce to me and to other readers ideas we’re not yet addressing as critics and fans.

Continuing discussions on bands I’m already writing about is great, too.

I’m seeking hardworking individuals with genuine interests in personally getting to know music they want to write about. That these individuals can write creatively and with unique voices is obviously a plus.

To apply, email me a review of a recent album, song or show. Before you send: Consider the majority of the site’s content is about Chicago-based bands. If I like what I read I’ll get back to you. All submitted reviews will become property of Chicago Tunes and may or may not be published.

Submit your review to chicagotunes[at]gmail[dot]com. Please paste your review in the body of the email. Do not attach.

Thank you for your interest!



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