Daylight Robbery — ‘Victim of the Late World,’ ‘Legacy’

credit: Daylight Robbery’s Facebook

Mind blown Tuesday in Bridgeport at a venue named The Orphanage. I don’t know there’s another thing like it in Chicago. Certainly not a space I’ve been inside anyway.

As DIY as it probably gets, its shows are a few stories up an abandoned(?) church space. There, billed bands intimately play on the same wood floor you stand on — no “stage”. Off to the corner is a kitchen table littered with chips and dips and cupcakes and the rest of it. Everywhere else are shelves of books, big windows and couches to sit or do whatever in.

Down a floor a bathroom, and also God’s Closet, which houses free wears, shoes, toys and more books. Just take and donate — that’s the idea.

The space is totally unmarked from the outside, save for a handful of congregants stationed by the front doors and a pile of bikes chained to a fence bordering the street. You’ve got to be intentional about going there it seems. Its informality a take home.

Anyway, I wanna highlight a group that played in and around the middle of the night. They’re Daylight Robbery, and they’re awesome. I was reminded of Tyler Jon Tyler as I watched ’em take off, but Daylight is way more aggressive and sprightly.

They’ve got a new full-length coming out in July. Until then, check out their Bandcamp — link below — for music. They’re kind enough to allow free streams and downloads of everything recorded for the public. Rock on!

Some songs of theirs I’ve been listening to a lot today:


  • The Chicago-based Daylight Robbery is Jeff Rice (drums), Christine Wolf (bass/vocals) and David Wolf (guitar/vocals).
  • All Daylight Robbery music, all in one place. | Bandcamp.
  • Daylight Robbery next plays Chicago on July 21 at Crown Tap (2821 N. Milwaukee Ave.) Support: Doom town, Nones.

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